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Course numbers in bold represent courses in Content Areas I, II, or III that also fulfill a Content Area IV requirement. Course numbers that are underlined represent courses that are crosslisted in more than one department. Course numbers that have are courses not yet approved by CLAS as satisfying their general education requirements.General Education Requirements. In addition to the minimum requirements set out by GEOC, CLAS has additional requirements that students must fulfill in order to graduate with a CLAS degree. Below are the competencies and content areas that CLAS students must fulfill. uconn general education requirements content areas

DEGREE REQUIREMENTS: Complete the GENERAL EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS listed in the Academic Regulations of the University of Connecticut Undergraduate Catalog. In addition to the General Education Requirements (Content Areas 14), students must take a course in U. S. History. Courses in Content Areas 13 must be in different departments

General education courses are approved to satisfy the various content area requirements. A complete description of general education requirements, Content Areas, and a list of courses approved through the most recent catalog is available in the General Education Requirements section of the Undergraduate Catalog. General Education Requirements. Students in the School of Business are required to complete specific School of Business Required Courses. These courses may also satisfy a University Content Area requirement. Students must also ensure they are meeting all University general education requirements, as outlined below.uconn general education requirements content areas How can the answer be improved?

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There must be a significant commitment to several principles: 1. Course Accessibility. In Content Areas One, Two and Three, General Education courses cannot have prerequisites except for other General Education courses. Courses in Area Four may have prerequisites outside of General Education uconn general education requirements content areas Please see the University of Connecticut General Catalog for more detailed information. Note that students must earn at least a 2. 0 grade point average for all calculable course work to receive a degree. General Education Requirements Content Areas. There are four Content Areas: Arts and Humanities. Six credits. Social Sciences. Six credits. CONTENT AREA ONE: ARTS& HUMANITIES BA: 5 courses with at least one from each category AD. 5th course can come from any area AE. (courses must be selected from at least 4 different academic units) BS: 4 courses with at least one from each category AD. Students must pass at least seven content area courses with at least three credits each (with the exception noted above), amounting to a total of at least 21 credits. In Content Area Three, one of the courses must be a laboratory course of four or more credits. General Education Requirements at UConn. Academic unit refers to the department or program offering the course. Content Area 1 Arts and Humanities: Six credits required; must be taken in two different academic units. Content Area 2 Social Science: Six credits required; must be