Damages final scene

2020-02-26 23:05

Sep 12, 2012  'Damages' Series Finale: A Final Salute To Patty Hewes. 09: 33 am ET Updated Nov 12, That fact is so evident when the series airs its final scene. 'Damages' Series FinaleBut You Dont Do That Anymore Ellen finally puts it all together and decides to veer from Pattys path before she can do any more damage. In their final scene on the pier, Patty forces Ellen to take responsibility for essentially ordering Rutgers death. But Ellen doesnt run from the responsibility in the same way that Patty damages final scene

Since it's Damages, the road to the final scene was paved with as much blood and betrayal as possible: we learned the identity of Tom's murderer (Campbell Scott's Joe Tobin) and how Tom was killed

Damages Post Mortem: EPs Answer Burning Qs About Finale (Including That Stunning Last Shot) By Michael Ausiello September 12 2012, 7: 15 PM PST 136 The last episode ever of Damages. There's only one question on everyone's mind: did Ellen finally beat Patty? Let's dive in, shall we? This. This is it. The last episode ever of Damages. Such a strange and sad scene, knowing how convoluted Pattys own feelings are about the people she cares about.damages final scene The last 10 episodes of Damages will debut on DirecTV on July 11th and will likely run through September 12th. Season four, which ran last summer, is being released on DVD on June 26th.

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