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Finding Lucrecias Crystal Cave to obtain Vincents Ultimate Weapon and Level 4 Limit break part of the Final Fantasy VII walkthrough and strategy guide by Jegged. com You can travel to Lucrecias Cave anytime after you have completed the Underwater Submarine Battle on Disc 2 and received the Shinra Sub vehicle.Sep 18, 2011  Vincent's last Limit Break (Final Fantasy VII)? To get Vincent's Ultimate you have to go visit his mother on the 2nd disc by using the submarine. Go underwater to and rise up by the waterfall behind Gold Saucer, you'll find his mother in there. Revisit anytime during the 3rd disc to final fantasy 7 submarine waterfall

Top Final Fantasy VII Secrets Waterfall (Vincent Items) Final Fantasy VII Remake Announced, and more from E3 2015. Must have Vincent and he must be in your party when entering the waterfall. You need either the submarine or a chocobo capable of crossing mountains. What To Do.

Onrac, also known as Onlak in the PlayStation port, is a town from the original Final Fantasy. It is located on the northwestern island of the archipelago where the game takes place. The Sunken Shrine is found underwater, near the shore. The submarine battle after the underwater reactor part of the Final Fantasy VII walkthrough and strategy guide by Jegged. comfinal fantasy 7 submarine waterfall Aug 11, 2010 Final Fantasy 7 Walkthrough With either the submarine or a gold Chocobo, we can access Lucrecia's cave in order to learn more about Vincent's dark past and connection to Sephiroth

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Final fantasy 7 submarine waterfall free

Lucrecias Cave Side Quest Final Fantasy VII. After acquiring the submarine or a Gold Chocobo, you can reach Lucrecias Cave, which is located behind a waterfall in a lagoon in the Nibel area. final fantasy 7 submarine waterfall The Waterfall Cavern, also known as Waterfall, is a location from the original Final Fantasy. As the title reveals, its entrance is through a waterfall west of Onrac. The area is only comprised of one floor, but it is built similar to a maze as there are multiple dead ends. In Final Fantasy VII Lucrecia's Cave is a oneroom location entered from the World Map. The cave can only be accessed by green, black, or gold chocobo, or by going through an underwater tunnel on the northeast of the continent beneath the North Corel Area by submarine. For Final Fantasy VII on the PlayStation, a GameFAQs message board topic titled How Do You Get Into Lucretia's Cave? . I have the Turk submarine, I found the tunnel that takes you to the secluded lake with the waterfall, but I cannot figure out how to either get off of the submarine or into the cave. : ( When I got the sub it said you can Final Fantasy VII at IGN: walkthroughs, items, maps, video tips, and strategies the only way to reach this sanctuary is by submarine. Once you've acquired the Shinra Sub, take it northwest