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Enterprise Cyber Security Market Report Status and Outlook Cyber Security is the body of technologies, processes and practices designed to protect networks, computers, programs and data from major cyber threats, such as cyber terrorism, cyber warfare, and cyber espionage. PowerPoint PPT presentationThe General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)Applicable to all organisations that process personal data of EU nationals, including organisations outside EUApproved in April 2016Two year transition period binding 25 May 2018Significant increase in sanctions (up to 20m 4 of global turnover) Security measures apply both to general awareness on cyber security ppt

Title: Cybercrime Awareness 1 Cybercrime Awareness. Michael De La Cruz; Information Security Officer; 2 Objectives. To provide a general awareness of Cybercrime; To understand Cybercrime methods; To identify Internet scams; To learn how to keep from being a victim; 3 What is Cybercrime? Cybercrime is any illegal act committed by using a computer network.

As an end user, you; 1. Create and maintain password and passphrase 2. Manage your account and password 3. Secure your computer 4. Protect the data you are handling 5. Assess risky behavior online 6. Equip yourself with the knowledge of security guidelines, policies, and procedures. To conform with the Cyberspace Policy Review, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) developed a National Cybersecurity Awareness Campaign. The campaign, Stop. Think. Connect. , aims to raise awareness about cybersecurity, ultimately increasing the understanding of cyber threats and empowering the American public to be safer and secure online. Stop.general awareness on cyber security ppt can sumone mail me this ppt ASAP General Awareness On Cyber Security 1. General Awareness on Cyber Security 2. Contents 3. Why should YOU be aware of Cyber Security? 4. So, What are the risks? The first step in becoming Cyber Safe is Awareness! 17. GENERAL SECURITY

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Security Awareness What does Security Awareness mean? Security awareness is the knowledge and mindset CNP employees possess for protecting themselves, other employees, and the physical and information assets of the company. Being security aware means you understand there is the potential for some people to deliberately or accidentally general awareness on cyber security ppt Cybercrime PPT 1. CYBERCRIME DONT BE A VICTIM Presenter: ANSHUMAN TRIPATHI Objectives To provide a general awareness of Cyber crime To Recognize Cybercrime methods To know the importance of Cyberlaws(LOVE BUG Suspects loss 10 billion) To learn how to keep away from being a victim Cyber crime and security ppt Lipsita Behera Security Awareness is Implementing Security Culture Not exactly, but close enough Security awareness is to get people to implement secure practices into their daily activities Security awareness is to strengthen security culture Must instill common knowledge of concerns and base actions 8 Security Awareness Primer PowerPoint Presentation Last modified by: Dyer, Geoffrey G.