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Round 1: Apollo Creed comes out confident and strong, repeatedly peppering Balboa with his Alilike jab. Both fighters emerge for the final round hurt, totally spent and extremelyJul 08, 2015  Far Cry 3 final mission Both Endings (good ending and bad ending choices) [HD 6: 24. Rocky IV Full Final Fight Rocky Vs Ivan Drago. Rocky vs Apollo Round 3 to Ending. 4 years ago 46 views. Bernadette Richards. Follow. Rocky vs Apollo Round rocky vs apollo final round

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As the final round bell sounds, with both fighters locked in each other's arms, they promise to each other that there will be no rematch. The poster seen above the ring before Rocky fights Apollo Creed shows Rocky wearing red shorts with a white stripe when he actually wears white shorts with a red stripe. When Rocky points this On Movies: At the Theater, a GameFAQs message board topic titled About the third Apollo vs. Rocky fight Creed SPOILERS .rocky vs apollo final round This force Apollo Creed to simply survive the final round where Rocky Balboa could have knock him out for the win if it had not been the final bell. The one decisions in scorecard that ruled in favor of Rocky Balboa is likely due to Rocky given the later rounds by one of the judges.

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By the final round, he is well ahead on points and Duke begs Apollo to go on the defensive, as he'll win if he makes it to the end of the match; Apollo refuses, desperate to knock Rocky rocky vs apollo final round During the commentary before the Rocky vs Mason Dixon fight, a montage of Rocky's opponents is shown which excludes his two fights against Apollo. Before the final round, Rocky is adamant on stopping the fight to save Adonis from the long term effects of his injuries, a decision he contemplated 30 years after Apollo's death. Rocky vs. Apollo Creed. both fighters being out for the count in the final round. Rocky eventually found his way to his feet and became the new World champion. Rocky to be knocked out by Rocky admits Apollo won the third fight to Adonis Creed (his son) in Creed 2. Figures, as Rocky got demolished in I and barely wins in the last round on II after Apollo refuses to fight smart, is too prideful and tires himself out. Apollo was always better than Rocky After the fight, Apollo calls in his favor for training Rocky, which is a oneonone match between the two of them with no cameras, no media, just man vs. man in