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2020-02-22 03:07

Equipment Review: June 2004. Final Sound Model 700 Loudspeakers. Fortunately, the Model 700 (5995 USD per pair), the secondfromthetop speaker in Final Sounds Reference line of electrostatic speakers, will go a long way toward rectifying that situation. The Model 700 is a loudspeaker that can hold its own among the best panel speakersUsed Final Sound for sale on 300 second hand hifi sites& shops. Use Hifi Shark to monitor pricing and global availability final sound electrostaten

Final Inverter Technology for Electrostatic Speakers Final Sound Solutions INTRODUCTION Electrostatic speaker systems have been considered the absolute state of the art in audio reproduction since the 1960s, when the legendary KLH 9 first made its debut. Shortly after, Infinity Systems introduced the Servo Static One, a full range

Final Sound is located in The Netherlands and was founded in 1992. Until 2002, their products due to manufacturing costs were purchased only by the high end (read mucho bucks) market. Then, they came up with a way to build them in modular form, and that reduced the manufacturing costs, but had no effect on the ultimate quality at all. Jan 10, 2008 Not sure if the Final Sounds and Martin Logans are similar, as I've never heard Martin Logans. The Magnepans definitely had more of the roomfilling sound and soundstage SIZE than the Final Sounds, but the Final Sounds had an absolutely scary ability to image and put instruments in pinpoint places across and in frontback of the sound electrostaten The electrostatic membranes do not have much travel, and because of this as the sound volume increases, the speakers ability to reproduce louder bass decreases. This makes it difficult to properly match them to a subwoofer because the crossover point for a smooth blend between the Final panels and the subwoofer seems to change with volume.

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