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Where are the best places to Level up Forms? Ask Question 2. 3. Master Form (from what i remembered on the PS2) it's EXP is gained from Drive Orbs and i only know that in Agrabah enemies normally drop these. Limit Form: Limit form is new to final mix. You get it as part of the story when you revisit twilight town.Mar 29, 2007 For Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix on the PlayStation 2, a GameFAQs Answers question titled Easy Method for Leveling Up Master Form? . master form leveling final mix

Valor form levels 1 point with every hit. Wisdom form levels with every kill. Master form levels with every drive orb obtained. (the bigger the more exp) Final form levels whe n you kill a certain amount of nobodies. (very hard to level when you have to kill around 10 nobodies to get a exp point.

Tips. As this form is exclusive to Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, it is recommended that the player makes use of all the additions that are exclusive to KHIIFM to level up Limit Form: the best places to level up are in the Cavern of Remembrance, where there is an abundance of Heartless, and in the Treasure Room in Agrabah, where Mushroom No. 5 can be found. For Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the Cavern of Remembrance is a great place to quickly level. Head into the Mineshaft and change into Master Form next to the two balloons. Head into the Mineshaft and change into Master Form next to the two balloons.master form leveling final mix Sep 03, 2009 Wisdom you can level up in the Underworld or the areas outside the Castle that Never was (aka in the city) should you be that far. You can level up Final inside the Castle since alot of Nobodies spawn in there. Master form you can go to Mulan's World since the wooden crate thingies when destroyed pop out alot of Drive Orbs.

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In Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix, the balloons within the Cavern of Remembrance drop Drive Orbs when attacked. A good Keyblade to use while in Master Form is the Sweet Memories Keyblade, as its ability changes all munny drops into Drive Orbs. When using Master Form for proper combat, it is best to equip balanced Keyblades. master form leveling final mix The fastest way to level up Master Form in Kingdom Hearts ll Final Mix on PS3 or PS4 is by going to Traverse Town and head to Central Station to take the Magic train. The Magic train will take you